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All Street Photography Contests Calendar 2021

Our Street Photography Contests Calendar shows currently Open Calls for Entries of free and paid Street Photography Competitions around the globe. We exclude several fraudlent contests organized by Martin Stawiasz aka Martin Stavars.

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Popular Street Photography Contests 2021

Name2020 Deadline2021 DeadlineFeeDedicated or CategoryLogo
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Bangkok Street Photography Festival ContestJan. 31. 2020To be confirmedDedicatedBangkok-Street-Photography-Festival-Logo
Italian Street Photo Festival ContestMar. 10. 2020To be confirmedDedicated
Lensculture Street Photography Awards ContestApr. 22. 2020To be confirmedFree & PaidDedicated
Street Photography International Awards ContestJun. 15. 2020To be confirmedPaidDedicatedStreet Photography International Awards Logo
Urban Photo Awards Book Project (Trieste Photo Days)Jun. 17. 2020Feb. 28. 2021Free to Enter &
Paid to be Published
London Street Photography Festival ContestJun. 30. 2020To be confirmedFree & PaidDedicatedLondon Street Photography Festival Logo
Brussels Street Photography Festival ContestAug. 1. 2020To be confirmedDedicatedBSPF Logo
StreetFoto San Francisco Festival ContestAug. 2. 2020To be confirmedPaidDedicated
Aussie Street Photography Festival ContestAug. 25. 2020To be confirmedPaidDedicatedAussie Street Logo
Moment Street Photo AwardsOct. 20. 2020To be confirmedPaidDedicatedMoment Street Photo Awards 2020 Logo-gray
Miami Street Photography Festival ContestNov. 8. 2020To be confirmedaidDedicatedMiami Street Photography Festival Logo
Leica Street Photo Poland Awards ContestDec. 12. 2020To be confirmedFreeDedicated
Street Photo IstanbulDec. 13. 2020To be confirmedFreeDedicated
Street Photographers Foundation AwardsDec. 20. 2020To be confirmedPaidDedicated
Siena International Photo AwardsJan. 5. 2020Jan. 10. 2021Free & PaidCategory
Sony World Photography AwardsJan. 7. 2020Jan. 7. 2021Free & PaidCategory
Exibart Street Photography Awards ContestDid not happenTo be confirmedDedicatedexibart street logo
Urban Photographer of the Year ContestDid not happenTo be confirmedDedicated
Street Photo Milano Festival ContestCanceledTo be confirmedPaidDedicated
Street Shooting Around the World Exhibition ContestTo be confirmedTo be confirmedPaidDedicated
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