Comparison of 31 APS-C and Full Frame Large Sensor Prime Lens Cameras 2020 for weight, size and image quality minded Street and Travel Photographers.

Large Sensor Prime Lens Cameras are sought after by Street and Travel Photographers alike. Pairing a larger APS-C or Full Frame sized sensor with a fixed focal lenght lens, ensures decent image quality and lower ISO noise. The perfect street and travel photographers camera is complete when those two features are built into a compact camera body which offers good ergonomics.

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To find out which cameras meet this requirements in 2020 we used DPreview´s mighty camera feature search database. we filtered out and listed digital cameras with an integrated, fixed prime lens and sensor equal to or bigger than APS-C.

All technical specifications would be meanness if not put into practical use, for example in form of a laboratory or real life shooting test. Wherever possible we listed review ratings, provided by popular gear review websites and linked them to the respective source pages.

Best of Summary

  • The Leicas have the fastest Apertures – f/1.7
  • The Sigma dp0 has the widest field of views – 21 mm
  • The Sigma dp3 has the longest field of view – 75 mm
  • The Ricoh GR is the lightest camera body – 245 g
  • The Sigma DP1s has the smallest camera body volume – 202 cm³

Compare yourself!

All fixed prime lens cameras are sort-able (alphabetic or numeric), just click on one of column titles. Narrow down the results instantly, for example by writing a manufacturers name in the search box (top right).

Fujifilm X 7028mmf/2.816 MPAPS-C340 g318 cm³notiltnofuji x704 of 576 %
Fujifilm X 10035mmf/2.012 MPAPS-C445 g510 cm³optical
fixednofuji x100
Fujifilm X 100 F35mmf/2.024 MPAPS-C469 g495 cm³optical
fixednofuji x100fnot rated83 % Gold
Fujifilm X 100 S35mmf/2.016 MPAPS-C445 g507 cm³optical
fixednofuji x1004 of 581 % Gold
Fujifilm X 100 T35mmf/2.016 MPAPS-C440 g507 cm³optical
fixednofuji x100t4.5 of 581 % Silver
Fujifilm X 100 V35mmf/2.026 MPAPS-C478 g508 cm³optical
tiltyes - needs accessoryfuji x100v
Fujifilm X F1028mmf/2.824 MPAPS-C279 g297 cm³nofixednofuji xf10not ratednot rated
Leica Q228mmf/1.747 MPFull Frame734 g956 cm³electronicfixedyesleica q 2
Leica Q (Typ 116)28mmf/1.7 24 MPFull Frame640 g967 cm³electronicfixednoleica qnot rated80 % Silver
Leica X236mmf/2.816 MPAPS-C345 g444 cm³nofixednoleica x2not ratednot rated
Leica X (Typ 113)35mmf/1.716 MPAPS-C486 g757 cm³nofixednoleica xnot ratednot rated
Leica X-U35mmf/1.716 MPAPS-C635g973 cm³nofixedyesleica x-unot ratednot rated
Nikon Coolpix A28mmf/2.816 MPAPS-C345 g284 cm³nofixednonikon coolpix a4.5 of 575 %
Ricoh GR28mmf/2.816 MPAPS-C245 g249 cm³nofixednoricoh gr4.5 of 579 % Gold
Ricoh GR II28mm (21mm with GW-3 Lens Adapter)f/2.816 MPAPS-C251 g249 cm³nofixednoricoh gr ii4.5 of 5not rated
Ricoh GR III28mm (21mm with GW-4 Lens Adapter)f/2.824 MPAPS-C257 g224 cm³nofixednoricoh gr iiinot ratednot rated
Ricoh GR IIIx40mm (70mm with GA-2 Lens Adapter)f/2.824 MPAPS-C262 gnofixednoricoh gr iii
Sigma dp0 Quattro21mmf/4.020 MPAPS-C395 g884 cm³nofixednosigma dp0 quattronot ratednot rated
Sigma DP128mmf/4.014 MPAPS-C270 g339 cm³nofixednoSigma DP1
Sigma DP1 Merrill28mmf/2.844 MPAPS-C330 g523 cm³nofixednoSigma DP1 Merrill
Sigma dp1 Quattro28mmf/2.820 MPAPS-C425 g938 cm³nofixednonot ratednot rated
Sigma DP1s28mmf/4.014 MPAPS-C270 g202 cm³nofixednoSigma DP1s
Sigma DP1x28mmf/4.014 MPAPS-C250 g339 cm³nofixednoSigma DP1x
Sigma DP241mmf/2.814 MPAPS-C280 g379 cm³nofixednoSigma DP2
Sigma DP2 Merrill45mmf/2.844 MPAPS-C355 g486 cm³nofixednoSigma DP2 Merrill
Sigma dp2 Quattro45mmf/2.820 MPAPS-C395 g884 cm³nofixednosigma dp2 quattro4 of 5not rated
Sigma DP3 Merrill75mmf/2.844 MPAPS-C400 g648 cm³nofixednoSigma DP3 Merrill
Sigma dp3 Quattro75mmf/2.820 MPAPS-C465 g1078 cm³nofixednosigma dp3 quattronot ratednot rated
Sony RX135mmf/2.024 MPFull Frame482 g514 cm³nofixednosony rx14.5 of 579 %
Sony RX1R35mmf/2.024 MPFull Frame482 g514 cm³nofixednosony rx1r5 of 5not rated
Sony RX1R II35mmf/2.042 MPFull Frame507 g514 cm³electronictiltnosony rx1r II5 of 582 % Silver
Zeiss ZX135mmf/2.037 MPFull Frame800 g607 cm³electronicfixednoZEISS ZX1