Ultimate Pancake Lens Comparison List - 52 Pancake Lenses for Street & Travel Photographers with focal lenghts from 15mm to 105mm.
52 Pancake Lenses Ultimate Comparison List
58 Pancake Lenses – Ultimate Comparison List – “Pancake” Photo by woolgenie / Flickr (CC-BY)

For the Ultimate Pancake Lens Comparison List we looked at and compared 52 interchangeable pancake lenses.

Street & Travel Photographers are in love with tiny gear that weights little but still delivers good quality results. Pancake lenses are right at home in this kind of gear catergory.

Those who look for the smallest possible Cameras with decent image quality should check out our comparison list with 31 Large Sensor Prime Lens Cameras.

With few exemptions pancake lenses are constructed as prime lenses with a single focal lenght. Most of them are based on simple optical formulas and use only few glass elements. This saves weight and allows them to be much thinner than an average sized prime lens. On the other hand, because of the reduction they appear to be more prone to optical aberrations such as fringing. Nonetheless, when used correctly a pancake lens can still provide exceptional, sharp image results!

Together with a nice sized camera body a well picked pancake lens has the potential to become the “everyday”, “always on” lens. Something street and travel photographers seem to long for in the long run.

When is a lens a Pancake Lens?

To sort out the sheep from the goats we looked at a broad set of lens sizes and decided to call it a pancake lens when it is less than 30mm thick.

Pancake Lens Comparison List

The table below lists 52 interchangeable pancake lenses, basic characteristics including Fov, Aperture, Available camera mounts, weight, lenght and links to (video) reviews.

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ManufacturerNameFoVApertureMount(s)FocusWeight (g)Height (mm)SensorFoV (FF equiv.)Picture(Video) Reviews 
Asahi PentaxTakumar Fisheye18mmf/11M42 (screw mount)MF098 g12 mmFull Frame18mmPentax-Fisheye-Takumar-18mm-f11Review on Pentaxforums
Rebranded as:
Kobalux, Pasoptik
Wide28mmf/3.5M39 (screw mount)MF099 g17 mmFull Frame28mmkobalux avenon 28mm f3.5 pancacke lensReview on cameraville
CanonLTM28mmf/2.8M39 (screw mount)MF160 g20 mmFull Frame28mmcanon-ltm-28mm-f2.8-pancake-lensMini Review on 35mmc

Review on legacycamera
CanonEF STM40mmf/2.8Canon EFAF260 g22 mmFull Frame40mmCanon-EF-STM-40mm-f2.8-pancake-lensReview
on Imaging Resource
ChinonAuto Revuenon45mmf/2.8Pentax KMF110 g19 mmFull Frame45mmChinon Auto Revuenon 45mm F2.8 PentaxReview on Pentaxforums
Contax ZeissTessar T*45mmf/2.8M42 (screw mount)MF090 g19 mmFull Frame45mmContax-Zeiss-Tessar-T-45mm-f28Review on Photography Review
Rebranded as:
Vivitar & Porst
Cosinon Auto MC40mmf/2.5Pentax KMF110 g20 mmFull Frame40mmCosina Cosinon 40mm f2.5 Pancacke LensReview on Pentaxforums

Discussion Thread on MFlenses
FujifilmFujinon XF R27mmf/2.8Fuji XAF078 g23 mmAPS-C40mmFujifilm-XF-27-mm-f2.8-pancake-lensReview on Findingrange

Video Review
FujifilmFujinon XF R WR27mmf/2.8Fuji XAF084 g23 mmAPS-C40mm
Industar50-250mmf/3.5M42 (screw mount)MF065 g25 mmFull Frame50mmIndustar-50-2-50mm-f3.5Review on Vintage Camera Lenses

Video Review
Industrar6928mmf/2.8M39 (screw mount)MF064 g21 mmFull Frame28mmIndustrar-69 28mm f2.8 Pancacke LensReview on Imagination-works
KonicaHexanon AR40mm f/1.8Konica ARMF140 g25 mmFull Frame40mm Konika-Hexanon-AR-40mm-f1.8Review on The Weekend Lens
Leica Summaron28mmf/5.6Leica MMF195 g18 mmFull Frame28mmLeica Summaron 28mm f5.6 M Pancake LensReview on macfilos
LeicaSummicron-C40mmf/2.0Leica MMF126 g22 mmFull Frame40mmLeica-Summicron-C-40mm-f2.0
Review on 35 MMC
LeitzHektor28mmf/6.3M39 (screw mount)MF110 g13 mmFull Frame28mmLeitz Hektor 28mm f6.3 Pancacke LensInfo on ldtomei
Minolta Rokkor-X45mmf/2.0Minolta MDMF125 g25 mmFull Frame45mmMinolta-Rokkor-45mm-f2.0Review on ERPhotoreview

Video Review
MinoltaAuto Rokkor TD 45mmf/2.8Minolta MDMF127 g15 mmFull Frame45mmMinolta-Auto-Rokkor-TD-45mm-f2.8Discussion Thread on Photo.net

Photo Examples on Big Big Lens
MS OpticalPerar17mmf/4.5Leica MMF060 g10 mmFull Frame17mmMS-Optical-Perar-17mm-f4.5Review on Japan Camera Hunter

MS OpticalSuper Triplet Perar21mmf/4.5Leica MMF055 g05 mm (folded)Full Frame21mmMS Optical Super Triplet Perar 21 mm f4.5Review on 35 MMC
MS OpticalSuper Triplet Perar28mm f/4Leica MMF055 g05 mmFull Frame28mm MS-Optical-Super-Triplet-Perar-28mm-f4Review on Leica Liker
MS OpticalApoqualia-G28mmf/2Leica MMF070 g05 mmFull Frame28mmMS-Optical-Apoqualia-G-28mm-f2Review on Japan Camera Hunter
NeewerE28mmf/2.8Sony EAF102 g29 mmAPS-C42mmmeike neewer 28mm f2.8 pancake lensVideo Review by Arthur R

Customer Reviews on Amazon
NikonNikkor10mmf/2.8Nikon 1AF077 g22 mmCX27mmnikon-niikkor_-1-10mm_f2.8-pencake-lensReview on Photographyblog
Nikon NikkorAi-P45mmf/2.8Nikon FMF120 g17 mmFull Frame45mmNikon-Nikkor-Ai-P-45mm-f2.8-pencake-lensReview on Ken Rockwell
OlympusM.Zuiko17mmf/2.8mFT (m4/3)AF071 g22 mmm4/334mmOlympus-M.Zuiko-17mm-f2.8-pencake-lensReview on Photography Blog

OlympusZuiko Digital25mmf/2.8mFT (m4/3)AF095 g24 mmm4/350mmOlympus-Zuiko-Digital-25mm-f2.8-pancake-lensReview on Imaging Resource

Video Review
OlympusE.Zuiko Auto-S38mmf/2.8Olympus PEN FMF070 g14 mmFull Frame38mmOlympus E.Zuiko Auto-S 38mm f2.8 Pancacke LensInfo on Allphotolenses
OlympusAUTO-S ZUIKO OM40mmf/2.0Olympus OMMF140 g25 mmFull Frame40mmOlympus-OM-Zuiko-40mm-f2Info on Mir

Review on Photography Review
PanasonicLumix G 14mmf/2.5mFT (m4/3)AF055 g21 mmm4/328mmPanasonic-Lumix-G-14mm-f2.5Review on Imaging Resource

Video Review
PanasonicLumix G ASPH20mmf/1.7mFT (m4/3)AF100 g26 mmm4/340mmLumix-G-ASPH-20mm-f1.7-pancake-lensReview on Imaging Resource

Video Review
PanasonicLumix G Vario 12mm-32mmf/3.5-f/5.6 mFT (m4/3)AF070 g24 mmm4/324mm-64mpanasonic-lumix-g-vario-12-32mm-f3.5-5.6-pancake-lensReview on Ephotozine
PanasonicLumix G Vario X14mm-42mmf/3.5-f/5.6 mFT (m4/3)AF095 g27 mmm4/328mm-48mmPanasonic Lumix G Vario X 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 Pancake LensReview on Imaging Ressource
PentaconPrakticar MC50mmf/2.4Praktika BMF160 g27 mmFull Frame50mmPentacon Prakticar 50mm f2.5 Pancacke LensDiscussion on Zeisskonveb (in German)
Pentax SMC-DA Limited21mmf/3.2Pentax KAF119 g25 mmAPS-C31mmPentax-SMC-DA-21mm-f3.2-pancacke-lensReview on Photozone

Video Review
PentaxSMC-M40mm f/2.8Pentax KMF110 g18 mmFull Frame40mm Pentax-SMC-M-40mm-f2.8Review on Casual Photophile
PentaxSMC-DA Limited40mmf/2.8Pentax KAF090 g15 mmAPS-C60mmPentax-SMC-DA-40mm-f2.8-pancakce-lensReview on Photozone

Video Review
PentaxSMC-DA XS40mm f/2.8Pentax KAF052 g09 mmFull Frame40mm Pentax-SMC-DA-XS-40mm-f2.8-pencake-lensReview on Imaging Resource
PentaxSMC-FA Limited43mmf/1.9Pentax KAF155 g27 mmFull Frame43mmPentax-SMC-FA-Limited-43mm-f1.9-pancake-lensReview on Pentax Forums

Review on Ephotozine
PentaxSMC-DA Limited70mmf/2.4Pentax KAF130 g26mmAPS-C105mmPentax-SMC-DA-70mm-f2.8Review on Pentax Forums

Video Review
RicohXR Rikenon28mmf/3.5Pentax KMF055 g19 mmFull Frame28mmRicoh Rikenon XR 28mm f3.5 Pancacke LensReview on Medium
RicohXR Rikenon45mmf/2.8Pentax KMF052 g19 mmFull Frame45mmRicoh XR Rikenon 45mm f2.8 Pancacke LensReview on mannyquinto
SamsungEX-F10ANW10mmf/3.5Samsung NXAF072 g26 mmAPS-C15mmSamsung-EX-F10ANW-10mm-Fisheye-Pancake-Lens-110Imaging Resource Review
SamsungEX-W16NB16mmf/2.4Samsung NXAF072 g24 mmAPS-C24mmSamsung-EX-W16NBUS-16mm-f2.4-pencake-lensReview on Photozone

Video Review
SamsungEX-W20NB20mmf/2.8Samsung NXAF089 g24 mmAPS-C30mmSamsung-EX-W20NB-20mm-f2.8-pancake-lensReview on Photozone

Review on The Phoblographer
SamsungEX-S30NB30mmf/2.0Samsung NXAF081 g22 mmAPS-C45mmSamsung-30mm-f2.0-pencake-lensReview on Photozone

Review on Imaging Resource
SonySEL16F2816mmf/2.8Sony EAF070 g23 mmAPS-C24mmSony-E-SEL16F28-16mm-f2.8Review on Imaging Resource

Video Review
SonySEL20F2820mmf/2.8Sony EAF069 g20 mmAPS-C30mmSony-SEL20F28-20mm-f2.8-pencake-lensReview on The Phoblographer

Video Review
SonyPZ OSS16mm-50mm f/3.5-f/5.6Sony EAF116 g30 mmAPS-C24mm-75mmSony PZ OSS 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 Pancake LensReview on Ken Rockwell
VoigtlanderColor Skopar SL II20mmf/3.5Canon EF
Nikon F
Pentax K
MF205 g29 mmFull Frame20mmVoigtlander-Color-Skopar-SLII-20mm-f3.5-pencake-lensReview on Photozone

Video Review
VoigtlanderColor Skopar LTM28mmf/3.5M39 (screw mount)MF163 g26 mmFull Frame28mmVoigtlander Color Skopar 28mm f3.5 LTM Pancake LensReview on 35mmc
VoigtlanderColor Skopar SL II28mmf/2.8Canon EF
Nikon AI-S
MF180 g24 mmFull Frame28mmvoigtlander-color-skopar-sl-II-n-28mm-f28-pancacke-lensReview on ePhotoZine
VoigtlanderColor Skopar P II35mmf/2.5Leica MMF134 g22 mmFull Frame35mmvoigtlander color skopar 35mm f2.5 Pancacke LensReview on 35mmc

Video Review
VoigtlanderUltron SL II 40mmf/2.0Canon EF
Nikon F
Pentax K
MF200 g24 mmFull Frame40mmVoigtlander-Ultron-SLII-40mm-f2.0-pencake-lensReview on F-Stoppers

Video Review

Pancake Lens – Best of Summary

Widest & Longest Pancake Focal Lenght

From the comparison data we summed up the number of available focal lengths (Full Frame equiv.) and plotted the chart below

  • The pancake lens with the widest focal length is the Samsung EX-F10ANW 10mm f/3.5. The FoV is 15mm (Full Frame equiv.)
    Note it is a Fisheye lens!
  • The pancake lens with the longest focal length is the Pentax SMC-DA Limited 70mm f/2.4 is. The FoV is 105mm (Full Frame equiv.)
  • The typical field of view for a pancake lens is between 40mm and 45mm – 19 out of 49 pancake lenses provide a “normal” field of view.

Fastest & slowest Pancake Lens Aperture

From the comparison of 49 pancake prime lenses we added up the number of available apertures. and plotted the chart below.

  • The pancake lens with the fastest aperture is Panasonic Lumix G ASPH 20mm f/1.7
  • The pancake lens with the slowest aperture is Asahi Pentax Takumar Fisheye 18mm f/11
  • The typical pancake lens aperture is f/2.8. 21 from 49 pancake prime lenses have a f/2.8 aperture.

Lightest and thinnest Pancake Lens Body

  • The lightest pancake lens is the Pentax SMC-DA XS 40mm f/2.8. It weights 52g only.
  • The thinnest (non-folded) Pancake Lens is the MS Optical Super Triplet Perar 28mm f/4. Its lenght measures only 5mm.

Pancake lens not listed?

Share a comment if you find your favorite pancake lens missing in the list, thank you very much!