Interview with Julie Hrudova about making her award winning image "Evenings in Russia" showing a faceless ice skater in Moscow 2013
Making Of Julie Hrudova Evenings in Russia Moscow 2013
“Evenings in Russia” by Julie Hrudova

About Julie Hrudova

Julie Hrudova is an award-winning Street & Documentary Photographer from the Czech Republic, currently living in the Netherlands. She is also the head behind the popular Streetrepeat Project on Instagram. Her Photo entitled “Evenings in Russia”, showing a faceless figure skating on the ice was among the finalists in the 2018 Italian Street Photography Festival. We interviewed Julie to learn the story of making the shot.

Making Of “Evenings in Russia”

Where and when did you make the photo, is it a new or familiar location to you?

Moscow, 2013. Familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. Russia sometimes looks like my home country Czech Republic.

What was the initial point of interest, what catched your attention in the first place?

The posture and body language of this creature. And the bag.

Was it a one shot or did you work the scene, making more than one exposure?

I made a few. It was a ice skating route through a big park in Moscow. So I’ve had some opportunities to photograph from above.

Can you recall your thoughts, observations and changes why you made the photo this way?

We were waiting for someone. It was rather an activity to kill some time. But often that’s a perfect method to create an image.

What camera and settings did you choose?

Canon 450D. Probably high ISO, open aperture and fast shutter speed to capture movement.

If applicable, what kind of editing and post-processing work did you apply to the image?

Just basic stuff, like contrast, light, shadows and such.

What would be your key takeaway/lesson learned with this particular photo?

I think this is a key photo to me as I like to obscure information in images. For me, an image becomes interesting when it’s not completely clear what is happening or why it is happening. At this point at least. The Moscow image was one of the first photos like that.

Thank You for your time and the Interview Julie!

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