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This project is made and run by Michael Kowalczyk, a photographer in public since 2003. Street Photo Tip started with the idea to share personal street shooting tips and tricks on Instagram and help promote a better understanding for doing it. After building the homepage and reaching out to other shooters, more ideas and contents came to life. Besides sharing Insightful Quotes from Interviews with renowned photographers Streetphototip started to make own interviews with contemporary street photographers such as Julie Hudrova and Hakim Boulouiz. The Making of Interview Series focuses on distinguished photographs which won or were chosen as finalists in international competitions. We learn about the situations and each photographers choices before capturing the frame. The Street Photography Contest Calendar contains submission deadlines, prizes and links to today’s open free and paid online Street Photography Contests. A new addition is the Library. It provides sort-able lists of free Street Photography resources such as free E-books and Podcasts. Subscribe to the Streetphototip Newsletter and stay informed about new Interviews, Contests Deadlines and more!


Feel free to reach out with questions and comments regarding Street Photography. Let us know about new events or resources!

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