Streetphototip Newsletter Nr.2
Published on August 8th 2019
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Welcome to the 2nd Edition of the StreetPhotoTip Newsletter!

Streetphototip Newsletter Smoke
Title Photo & Animation "Smoke" by Michael Kowalczyk


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Several months passed since the 1st SPT Newsletter. Initially we planned to send it out monthly but clearly did not deliver on that promise. We like to say sorry! and plan do better using a quicker way to design the Newsletter.


  • We changed the SPT Website Design. The new Theme is wider, better emphasizes images and features a prominent front page slider.
  • We added "Library" as new Post Category for publishing free materials and ressources, such as Free Street Photography E-Book Guides & Manuals
  • SPT is featured by our friends from the Street Photography Magazine :) Thank you Ashley and Bob!

Latest Making Of Interviews

In case you missed them, here are all our Making Of Interviews since last Newsletter

Making of “Girl with Candy Floss” Interview with Damian Milczarek

Interview with Damian Milczarek about making his decisive moment shot of the "Girl with Candy Floss".
Making Of Girl with Candy Floss Interview Damian Milczarek

Making of Interview with Magdalena Orylska

Making Of Interview Magdalena Orylska
Interview with self-taught Street Photographer Magdalena Orylska about making her Decisive Moment shot on the beach.

Making of Interview with Sreeranj Sreedhar

Making Of Interview with Italian SPF 2018 finalist Sreeranj Sreedhar from India.
Streetphototip Making Of Interview with Sreeranj Sreedhar

Making of Interview with Bojan Nikolic

White Leg in Bus Bojan Nikolic London 2018
Interview with Bojan Nikolic about making his distinguished street photograph inside a public bus in London.

Making of Interview with Yuro De Iuliis

Interview with Yuro De Iuliis about making his decisive moment street shot of his son in Pescara, Italy.

Making of “Siviglia” Interview with Giuseppe Cardoni

Making Of Siviglia by Giuseppe Cardoni
Interview with Giuseppe Cardoni about making his award winning decisive moment street photograph "Siviglia" in Seville.

Making of “Choral” Interview with Hakim Boulouiz

Interview with Hakim Boulouiz about making his masterfully composed and award winning street photograph "Choral" shot in Santa Cruz of Tenerife in 2017
Making Of Choral by Hakim Boulouiz

Competitions Calendar

Call for Entries closing by end of August 2019

  • Aussie Street Festival Competition 2019 - Submission Deadline: 25, August 2019 - Read more
  • Lucie Foundation: ON THE BLOCK, images from the street - Submission Deadline: 30, August 2019 - Read more

Interesting Interview Quotes

I do regard photography as an extremely difficult act

Documentary Video of Walker Evans speaking about photography, published in 2014
Plastic Bag Grip Michael Kowalczyk Photography

I think private moments make the interesting picture

A Bronx Murder Michael Kowalczyk 2016
Interview with Robert Frank by Nicholas Dawidoff in Mabou, Nova Scotia 2015

If an artist doesn’t take risks, then it’s not worth it

Robert Frank Interview with Jiang Rong in New York City 2007
If an artist doesn’t take risks, then it’s not worth it


We have a couple of interesting Making Of Interviews coming up next month!

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