Category: Tips & Truths

Plastic Bag Grip Michael Kowalczyk Photography

I do regard photography as an extremely difficult act

Documentary Video of Walker Evans speaking about photography, published in 2014

A Bronx Murder Michael Kowalczyk 2016

I think private moments make the interesting picture

Interview with Robert Frank by Nicholas Dawidoff in Mabou, Nova Scotia 2015

If an artist doesn’t take risks, then it’s not worth it

Robert Frank Interview with Jiang Rong in New York City 2007

Cave Dive El Salvador 2018 Michael Kowalczyk Photography

Mistakes and accidents usually lead to the best discoveries

Trent Parke Interview with Benjamin Chadbond and Patrick Mason for Try Hard Magazine in 2015

City Exit, NYC 2017 by Michael Kowalczyk

In the end, I was trying to capture an essence of myself

Daido Moriyama Interview with Tsuyoshi Ito for the Aperture Foundation 2017.

Copy Painting Bogota 2018 Michael Kowalczyk Street Photography

If I do see it as a picture, I’ll do something to change it

Garry Winogrand Interview with Charles Hagen for Afterimage 1977.